Camaryn Swanson (21) and Elle Swanson (18) are sisters, influencers, fashion designers, and the founders of Meaning Of Mine. They grew up in the multi cultural, fast paced Miami Beach. As teenagers, Camaryn and Elle wanted to inspire girls to be the best version of themselves and feel good in their own skin. They created the “Meaning Of Mine”. Meaning Of Mine consists of Mine Swim, Mine Sweats, and Mine Active. The Meaning of Mine utilizes the best quality fabrics and has top of the line factories to carry out their production.  The designs are always breaking barriers and introducing the newest trends.  Meaning of Mine is known for its string bikinis that hold you up in all the right places, the sweats that are so comfy you never want to take them off, and the newly introduced activewear makes you feel like you want to work out and get things done all day long. At customers order direct and are getting the best quality product with the best fit. All of these genres are pieces created that make you feel on trend, unique, confident, comfortable, powerful, while feeling beautiful all at the same time.

When you say the name of our brand, we want you to think about what you project. How do you feel internally? What is it you need to do to love yourself to the fullest?